Some Clarity on Entrepreneurship

This just in…I had some clarity recently about entrepreneurship. Get ready for this. I’m slowly realizing that I get bogged down on what to sell, when in reality, I should be more concerned about the real reason I’m doing this. Which is to do it. That’s the real value in it for me. Is to say to my friends and people I meet I have an online business that I own. I don’t really care about how much I make. I make plenty from my day job and have the spare time at work to put in an hour or two towards my business. If I am able to break even a month of having my business, then that month is a huge success. I want to utilize drop shipping as much as I can even though it will cut into my margins. And I want to have two products. I’ve been getting more and more into “body wellness”. Things like rolling out and massages are becoming more interesting to me. Flexibility is another subject area that is becoming more interesting to me. The area of meathead heavy lifting for size is obsolete. The new wave for me is how can I feel mobile and pain free throughout my daily activities. Stretching and massages/rolling out is the best answer I have so far.

              How can I translate this into an ecommerce cite? Well, typical drop shippers like Oberlo may not be the answer for me. I may have to hold inventory. The reason is because I can’t have a common product. That is not what I want to do. Someone can always make something cheaper. So, there has to be some degree of uniqueness to my products. I’m thinking making a slight adjustment to an existing product that already has a plenty of demand and positive reviews. The two products I’m thinking of right now is a product that helps get rid of trigger points. I love when I rollout my back with a lax ball. Now, I want to make that into a formal product to sell which is easy to use. I came across a product called Vertiball and it is very similar to a product idea I have. It’s basically a rolling ball attached to a suction wall mount. How can I make this better? Some reviews mentioned that the ball is too small. That’s easy. I’ll make it more similar to the size and feel of a lax ball. Done. The tricky part is how I can improve the wall mount part. I like the idea of suction, although it doesn’t work on ever surface and doesn’t always stick for the time you’d like it to. I don’t think suction is the answer. I want to keep it as mobile as possible like the Vertiball, but don’t want suction necessarily. Another way to differentiate is to add attachments like a neck roller, meaning two little balls about 2-3 inches apart that roll out your neck. This would be product one. The next product I was thinking about is foam roller, but it wouldn’t be foam. It would be firm rubber and shorter so it’s more mobile. Also it would have ridges in places where it would reach specific areas or your back better.

              Now, that’s great and all. What’s the hold up? At this point it would be stupid to set up a store then look for products. So store set up is on the back burner. I think I’ve settled on what I’d like to sell. Now the bottle neck is finding a supplier who can make me what I want. I’d prefer to it to be U.S. made but can’t be picky at this point. If it’s cheaper to go to Asia, then that’s something I’d have to do. Also, it’d be cheaper to pack out myself. So I may do that too, which isn’t ideal but in the beginning there will be practically no demand so it’s not like I’d be busting my butt over shipping product. I’d start slow, plus it’d give me a really cool feel of actually touching my own product and shipping it to a customer. All in all, FIND A SUPPLIER.

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