Make Yourself More Interesting to Women

              Girls like guys that are interesting. That’s no secret. If you’re having bad luck with girls or need to add some flavor to your life in general, try some of these suggestions to make yourself more appealing to women and more interesting in general. Rule #1 is to have confidence. I can’t stress that enough. You may read some of these suggestions and think you’re too cool for them or they aren’t manly or you’re afraid of being judged. The thing is, if you’re confident and be honest with others that you like it and it’s cool, then they won’t really care. If anything, they’ll be jealous because you have the strength to do what they are too afraid to do. Being confident when talking about and doing these things will show you are courageous and if they truly are your friends, they won’t judge and will be ok with it. In addition, being good at anything is cool. Even if it’s something silly like growing bonsai trees. If you are a really good grower of bonsai trees, that’s fricken cool! Own your interests! Let your friends know confidently that is who you are and they won’t get on you if that’s what you’re afraid of. Ok, here are some suggestions that have helped me become more appealing, attractive, interesting, and well rounded.

  1. LEARN HOW TO DANCE – This is a huge one. Put your ego aside and go to dance lessons. Better yet, ask a female friend of yours to go with you. Your friends might look at you weird for this but knowing some form of dance is one of the best things you can do to become more attractive and interesting to women. And I haven’t even mentioned that it’s actually badass! Being able to take a girl in a club and go to the dance floor and rip it up is the coolest thing in the world and trust me, girls love that. The best part is since you know what you’re doing, you’ll be confident, and a lot of the guys will be watching from the sidelines missing out. The funny thing is that these are the same lame guys that may laugh at you when you tell them that you take or have taken dance lessons. The types of dance I suggest are salsa, swing (east coast swing and/or country swing), bachata, and lindy hop. But of course, any type of dance will do too. I know east coast swing and country swing fairly well. The best part about swing is it is very universal. Although east coast swing requires more footwork and a partner who knows what she’s doing, country swing is more flamboyant with lots of swings and flashy moves. And the best part is you can do country swing with a partner who doesn’t know a single swing move. When you’re a good enough lead, you will be able to move her body the way you want to. My next types of dance I’d like to learn is salsa and lindy hop. Being a moderate swing dancer has led me to a lot of interesting nights. So, put your ego aside and go learn how to dance.
  2. LEARN GUITAR OR PIANO – I would put learn how to play any instrument, but these are the most versatile instruments and I think girls react to them the best. The only thing is it takes soooo long to learn. My biggest regret is not learning guitar from a young age. Being able to control a party with your music will make you very interesting to anyone who’s in your audience.
  3. LEARN HOW TO COOK – Being a good cook can help you in a lot of ways. One way is that it helps with girls. Girls like to eat. Simple and plain. Knowing what to do in the kitchen can open a girl’s eyes to how interesting you really are. One of my favorite dates is to cook with a girl. When you are a good cook, it’s a great way to appear interesting and make you more attractive. It will also give you a boost in confidence since you’ll be teaching her in a way. Her attention will be all on what you’re doing and saying since you are basically showing her the ropes. It also provides a great environment for conversation. There are no awkward silences because you both understand that you have to focus on what you’re doing. So, you can use cooking as a crutch in a way if you aren’t a strong converser. In addition, it will prevent you from overthinking. Since you are forced to concentrate on all the moving parts that cooking requires, you won’t have any time to overthink or stress about what to say or do. It will allow you to be your natural self which should do wonders to your confidence.
  4. EXERCISE – I know I find a way to add exercise to every one of my blogs, but that’s because it’s a big part of my life and has countless benefits. In the case of this blog, you’ll be more confident in your body and you’ll be more attractive. Always look for any way to build your confidence and exercise is an easy one to do.
  5. IMPROV – OK, this is a weird one, but try going to some improv classes. You can look up the long list of benefits that come with learning improv. Some basic ones are that you’ll become better at talking, quicker on your feet, funnier, and more confident. When you break down talking and trying to win over a woman, a lot of the methods are identical to what you’ll learn in improv. Again, if anyone gets on you for this then screw them. We’ll see who’s laughing when you got the girls.
  6. READ – Reading something you’re interested in. This is will help you learn and knowing things is interesting. Boom. Next.
  7. TALK TO GIRLS – This may be the most important suggestion. Wait. It’s not even a suggestion. It’s a must. If you want to become interesting to girls and even your friends, get good at talking to girls. It doesn’t have to be in a sexual way. Being able to handle a friendly conversation is so attractive. Look at this as a process. Don’t be so concerned if you strike out in the beginning. Remember it’s a process and that one conversation is not an end-all-be-all. Having this frame of mind will help you push yourself to have another conversation. It may be awkward. But who cares. If it’s a random girl then chances are you won’t see her ever again, so it doesn’t even matter. She is a practice field for you to practice talking and being confident. You could have a good practice or a bad practice, but either way when practice is over, you move on and find a different field to practice on. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Being a great talker with girls will give you more confidence than you thought you had in you. Whether it’s friendly or flirty, there’s no wonder why this is one of the best things to work on to become more attractive and interesting. And as an added bonus, you’ll meet some pretty cool people that you may have never met if you just kept quiet!

These are just a few suggestions to get you started on becoming more appealing to women, more interesting, and overall more well-rounded. The bottom line is to learn something new and get good at it. This builds confidence and everyone loves confidence. If anyone has any other suggestions, please drop them below in the comments. I’d love to learn new ways to improve myself and learn something new. Hope this helps.

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