Conrad’s Weekly Rhythms 1

This is the first blog of my new series titled “Weekly Rhythms” where I share what music I’ve been hooked on for each of the past weeks. I have an extremely wide variety of music that I enjoy. However, you won’t find any Country in this series. Sorry, just isn’t my cup of tea.

              If you want to get straight to the tracks/artists that I’m listening to, you can skip this little paragraph. This is a very quick blurb about my relationship/background and intense interest in music. At party’s or in the car, you can usually find me DJing and setting the mood for everyone to have a good time. Since high school, I’ve always prided myself as the one who has the newest stuff out at the time. I love the reactions I get when I show a friend a song or if we’re jamming out in the car and he/she turns and asks, “Yo, who is this???”. I love love love music. And I don’t mean just what’s popular. Some of my favorite songs are very unpopular. And vice versa, some of the most popular music leaves me scratching my head wondering how people like this. I really appreciate the musical part of music. If that makes any sense. During high school, I listened to mostly rap and hip hop. But I also had some rock and other oldies/classics that my mom or older brother would listen to. But rap was the cool thing at that time. In college I started finding my own way with music. I slowly started listening to less and less rap. And the rap I listened to started to get more meaningful and lyrical instead of just a big beat with a lot of swear words. In my opinion, the rap/hip hop world has gotten really really bad. Nowadays, I barely listen to any rap. And the rap I do listen to is mostly older rap. Since about the middle of my college years up to now, I have grown to love anything from edm, rock, folk, dance, and other forms too. Even though my tastes have changed slightly, the reactions I get when I put on a playlist hasn’t changed a bit. So, here’s what I’ve been listening to this week…

Tash Sultana!!!!! Look her up! I recently found out about her when I was in Amsterdam. The beautiful soul who let my friend and I stay with her at her home introduced me to her music. I literally have her on repeat during my commutes to and from work and also while I’m cheffing it up in the kitchen. Tash is a 24-year-old Australian singer/songwriter. She plays about a 100 different instruments. In fact, ever sound you hear from her tracks is played, composed, produced, and written by her. She is extremely talented. I wouldn’t say her music has a ton of mass appeal but believe me when I say her work is very very deep and musical. I recommend for the first time listening to her, that you lay on your couch with your eyes closed and the volume up loud. She has two albums out currently. Her first one is called Notion and her second is called Flow State. Highly recommend checking her out.

Below are some of the songs that I recommend starting with:

  1. Big Smoke
  2. Jungle
  3. Notion
  4. Seven
  5. Mystik
  6. Pink Mood
  7. Salvation
  8. Seed

The other random song I’ve been jamming out to this week is “Kings of Summer” by AYOKAY. This is just a solid song that sets the mood for the summer (duh). Very trippy and energetic beat and some very smooth vocals. Definitely add this to your summer playlist.

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