Increasing Testosterone Naturally

Having higher levels of testosterone (T) can have a number of positive effects on the male body. The benefits of having higher T include:

  1. Building muscle
  2. Contributes to hair growth
  3. Increase libido (aka sex drive)
  4. More energy/better mood
  5. Memory and brain function
  6. Decrease inflammation

Now with all things, too much can have a bad effect. But in this blog I’d like to share a few foods and activities to increase T. The reason I wanted to increase my T is to feel more energize throughout my day and get rid of any lethargy or tiredness we all experience sometimes. The other benefits that I’ve listed have also been helpful in other areas of my life as well. Foods and activities to boost T are below:

  1. BRAZIL NUTS – I came across this hack in a Tim Ferriss podcast episode and it works! Brazil nuts are extremely rich in a chemical called, selenium. Brazil nuts are known to have the richest levels of selenium found in nature. When we are in a REM sleep (deep sleep), selenium is naturally release which helps release growth hormones which helps us grow, recover, decrease inflammation, ect. Brazil nuts are very potent in selenium, so I wouldn’t eat more than 5 in a day. Too much selenium can actually have negative effects. In severe cases, someone can experience hair loss, fever, nausea, kidney/liver/heart problems. So be aware of how many you intake. It’s very easy to start snacking on lots of them since there so small. Another effect I’ve seen from Brazil nuts, your libido will increase a lot after eating a few of these bad boys. On a side note, eating a couple before a date isn’t such a terrible idea. I eat two Brazil nuts every morning.
  2. OYSTERS – Many I’m sure have heard of eating oysters are good for sex drive. And this is true, due to the high levels of selenium in oysters. However, selenium levels are not as high when compared to brazil nuts. All the benefits of selenium are above under brazil nuts.
  3. EGGS – Basically the same as above. Eggs just have a lower concentration of selenium.
  4. MEAT – Same reasons as above. Just make sure it’s clean meat and properly sourced.
  5. EXERCISE – There is no surprise that hitting the gym is another way to increase T. Since your body needs to recover, it naturally produces T while you sleep.
  6. SLEEP – Getting a good night’s sleep is the most basic way of increasing T. If you’re looking to increase muscle mass and go to the gym often, trainers will often suggest taking small doses of melatonin. Melatonin helps you get to sleep and helps you get a deeper sleep, which will release more growth hormones and increases muscle growth/recovery. I personally don’t take melatonin on a daily basis because I don’t want to become dependent on it. But it’s here if you want it.
  7. AVOID ALCOHOL – It’s no secret that alcohol is horrible for basically everything in your body. And it’s no different if you’re looking for increasing your T levels. With consuming alcohol, your sleep will suffer and the list of other negative effects is endless. Although alcohol may get you to sleep faster, your quality of sleep will decreases dramatically. It reduces REM sleep or deep sleep, which is when all the T is processed and released in the body. In other words, stay away or keep the drinking to a minimum if you’re looking to increase T.

Increasing levels of T in your body will keep you energized and boost your mood overall. Just make sure to eat responsibly and do not go overboard. But I’m sure you’ll see some amazing results from these suggestions and your significant other may as well. Hope this helps.

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